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Pension Section(年金係),

National Health Insurance and National Pension Division(国民年金課),

Misato City Hall(三郷市役所), Call: 048-953-1111 
 If you are residing in Japan and age 20 to less than 60 years (including foreign nationals), you are obligated by the law to enroll in and pay the contributions to one of the public pension systems such as National Pension. Once you enroll in the system and meet certain criteria, you are eligible to receive a pension for the old-age, disability or death.


 Three categories of public pensions:

 Categories Who can be an enrollee? 
Where to apply for your enrollment? 
How to pay the contributions? 
Category Ⅰ insured person  ・Student

・Self employed person (etc.)

National Health Insurance and National Pension Division, Misato City Hall Pay by yourself
 Category Ⅱinsured person

・Employed person

・Public worker    (etc.)

 Employment place Pay at source
 (employment place)
 Category Ⅲinsured person Spouse of a ‘category Ⅱinsured person’ Your spouse’s employment place No payment (payment is covered by your spouse’s enrolling pension system.)


Pension Handbook:

A pension handbook is issued when you complete the enrollment procedure. Please keep it with secure as you are required to show it when you receive a pension or consultation.


Contribution amount:

Please note that your monthly contribution amount differs from fiscal years. Additional discount will be offered if you make an advance payment for a certain period of time.


If you have a difficulty in payment (Contribution Payment Exemption System):

You can apply for the contribution payment exemption system for such reason as that your income is too little to pay the contributions. Also, if you are a student and apply for the Special Payment System for Student, you may postpone the contribution payments.


Types of benefits:

・Old-age Basic Pension

・Disability Basic Pension

・Survivors’ Basic Pension

(*To receive your pension, you need to meet some criteria. Please consult at the Pension Section.)

For foreign residents:

If your home country has the ‘totalization benefits’ on the bilateral Social Security Agreement with Japan, the total period of enrollment will be summed up between two nations. See the website of the Japan Pension Service for details.



Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments:

If you are a foreign resident who has paid the national pension contributions for 6 months or more in total (excluding the period as an insurant of CategoryⅡor Ⅲ) and does not meet the eligibility period to be beneficiary for Old-Aged Basic Pension and definitely leave Japan, you can claim the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments within 2 years after the departure date.


‘Nenkin (pension) Dial’ - Phone: 0570-05-1165 (for domestic calls) /+81-3 -6700-1165 (for international calls)

Koshigaya Nenkin Jimusyo (JPS branch office) - Phone: 048-960-1190

Pension Section, National Health Insurance and National Pension Division - Phone: 048-930-7704