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   Education 教育 


Japan’s Compulsory Educational System



(Admission to municipal elementary/ junior high school)



Student Loan for Entering School (High school, Junior college, College/University)



 Children’s Afterschool Club






Educational Counseling

School Affairs Section学務係,

School Health Section(保健係)

Office of School Lunch(学校給食室)

School Affairs Division学務課


Educational General Affairs Section教育総務係/

School Facilities Section学校施設係/

Children’s Club Section(児童クラブ係),

Educational General affairs Division教育総務課,


Guidance Section(指導係)

Guidance Division(指導課)


Misato City Hall(三郷市役所),

Call: 048-953-1111


Schooling for foreign children/students  外国籍の児童・生徒の就学

For a foreign child residing in Japan, schooling is not mandatory; however, he/she can attend an elementary or junior high school if you wish.


Japan’s Compulsory Educational System  日本の義務教育

Japan institutes a 9-year compulsory education system: a 6-year period at elementary school and a 3-year period at junior high school.

  Eligible children must be are aged from 6 to 12 for elementary school and from 12 to 15 for junior high school as at April 1.

Japanese schools adopt three terms beginning on April 1 and ending in March of the following year.

  Your child’s elementary school depends on your residing address; while you may choose your preferred junior high school in conformity with the school choice system.


Application for Admission to Elementary / Junior High School  小中学校の手続き  

If you wish to have your child attend a municipal elementary or junior high school, please apply at the School Affairs Section (4F Misato City Hall) with your Residence Card and a name seal (if you have one).

A guide of application for admission will be sent to your child in the preceding October.  After receiving the letter, please take the procedure.


Fees and Cost  学費と経費   

Students of municipal elementary and junior high schools are not charged any admission, tuition or textbook fees. However, they are responsible for a part or all of the cost of other study materials and expenses required at school, as well as the school lunch fee.


School Attendance Aid  就学援助費  

School Attendance Aid is a financial assistance for guardians whose child has difficulties in attending elementary or junior high school due to financial reasons of his/her household. Misato City subsidizes the expense of (e.g. school supplies, medical expenses, school lunch…) necessary for child’s school life.


Student Loan for Entering School (High school, Junior college, College/University)  入学準備金(高校等・短大・大学) の貸し付け

  Misato City offers Student Loan for entering such schools as high school, junior college, college or university (except for professional training schools or vocational schools). Eligible applicant is a guardian having a registered domicile in Misato City who has ifficulties in preparing the expense for his/her child’s education. 

* Loan approval is subject to certain conditions.


Children’s Afterschool Club  児童クラブ 

Children’s Afterschool Club aims to help those elementary school children grow sound and healthfully, whose guardian(s) is regularly out of home during the daytime because of his/her occupation or for other reasons by providing them with an appropriate play and living environments on behalf of their guardians.


Educational Counseling  教育相談 

Educational counseling on bullying or/and school refusal is available for children/students at elementary/junior high school as well as for their parent/guardian. Preschool counseling is also available for parents/guardians of a child with disability to help the child enter an appropriate school corresponding to his/her degree of disability.


Kindergarten (Yochien)  幼稚園

Please find below a list of private kindergartens in Misato City. Around November every year, the kindergarten starts to accept applications for admission for the next school year. Inquire at the kindergarten concerned f you have any question concerning admission or any other matters.

* No public kindergarten operates in Misato City.

  Name of facility



Misato Yochien (Kindergarten)*

1-183 Takano


Chikumi Yochien (*)

1-19 Hikosawa


Togasaki Yochien (*)

2336 Togasak


Yutaka Yochien (*)

2-576 Togasaki


Misato-danchi Miyaoka Yochien (*)

3-125 Hikonari


Shinwa Yochien (*)

2-186 Shinwa


Hikonari Yochien (*)

255-1 Yaguchi


Misato Hikari Yochien (*)

3-1-1 Hikoito


Tenshi Yochien (*)

4-60-1 Hikonari


Inaho Yochien (*)

7-13-12 Waseda


Misato-shi Yoji Kyositsu Kazenoko En

(an officially established and privately
operated kindergarten like facility)

1-6-2 Satsukidaira



*Private kindergartens transitioned to a new system of the Comprehensive Support System for Children and Child-rearing (“Authorized Child Care Center” section)

 Name of facility



Waseda Yochien (*) / (Authorized C.C.C ) Waseda

1457 Kobo


Eiko Yochien (*) / (Authorized C.C.C) Eiko Keyakino Mori

1-174-1 Takasu


Misato-danchi Yochien (*) attached to Koshigaya Hoiku Professional Training School / (Authorized C.C.C) Misato Sakura-no Mori

4-321 Hikoari



Subsidy for Kindergarten Fee  私立幼稚園就園奨励費  

Subsidy for kindergarten fee aims to financially support guardians whose children attend private kindergartens.

Eligible guardian is one who is registered in Misato City with a child or children attending a private kindergarten not transitioned to a new system of the Comprehensive Support System for Children and Child-rearing.  The amount of subsidy depends on the per income levy of Municipal Resident Tax of the guardian’s household (including all household members).

A child attending kindergarten outside Misato City is also eligible.

The application form will be distributed from kindergarten where an eligible child attends. If your child is attending a kindergarten outside of Misato City, please ask your kindergarten about the application.