National Health Insurance

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* Introduction for National Health insurance
* Procedures for National Health insurance

Insurance Benefit Section(保険給付係),

Insurance Premium Section(保険税係)

National Health Insurance and National Pension Division (国保年金課) 
Misato City Hall, Call: 048-953-1111

National Health Insurance

Everyone having a domicile in Japan is enrolled in a public health insurance system
such as the National Health Insurance. This program is designed to reduce the burden
of medical expenses when you receive a treatment at a medical institution. Ensured
amount of medical expenses will be covered by the National Health Insurance. One of
the main financial resources is National Health Insurance Tax paid by policyholders.
Please understand and cooperate with us through your tax payment so that the National
Health Insurance will be managed and operated soundly.

<The payment slip is sent to a householder.>

A payment slip for the National Health Insurance Tax is sent to a householder in July
every year. As the National Health Insurance is enrolled not by an individual but by
a household, if any household member is assured by the National Health Insurance,
the householder has an obligation to make the health insurance tax payment, even
though the householder is insured by another insurer.

<Be sure to declare your income.>

The amount of the National Health Insurance Tax is assessed on the basis of the
policyholder’s income in the previous calendar year. Please declare your own income
status, even though you earned no income and were supported by other household
members (you do not need to do so only in case your salary report is directly filed from
your employer to Misato City).

File your tax return to a municipality where you have your residence as of January 1.
If you move in Misato City on January 2 or after, we will send you a document named
‘Income declaration for assessment of National Health Insurance Tax’ around March
and April.

Your payment for National Health Insurance Tax may be reduced depending on your
household’s income in the previous calendar year. We will need to obtain the tax return
of each enrollee of your household who is 16 years old or elder to assess the possible

<Validity of National Health Insurance card>

National Health Insurance card is renewed every year and valid until September 30.
The new card will be sent out in early September. When you see a doctor on October 1
or after, be sure to use the new card.

If your stay permit will expire before September 30, your National Health Insurance card
is valid until the expiry date of your stay permit. If your stay permit is extended, we will
send a new Health Insurance card to you as soon as the extension of your stay permit
is confirmed.

Consult us if you apply extension of your stay and you do not receive the decision from
the authority before expiration of your stay permit.

Please return your expired National Health Insurance card to Misato City to avoid possible
misuse. If it is difficult for you to hand it over to Misato City, cut it out into small pieces and
dispose of it by yourself.

<Inform us by 14 days in the following events>

Take the procedure at National Health Insurance and National Pension Division of
Misato City Hall or Misato-danchi branch office in the following events. Bring with you
your ID such as a residence card, name seal (if you have, if you do not have it, place
your signature) and a document proving your individual number.





What to bring

Moving in to Misato City

Moving-out certificate issued by your previous municipal office

Withdrawal from an employee’s health insurance

Certificate of withdrawal issued by your previous health insurance


Health insurance card,

Mother and Child Health Handbook




What to bring

Moving out from Misato City

Health insurance card

Enrollment in an employee’s health insurance

Previous/current health insurance cards


Health insurance card, Death Certificate


<No medical consultation allowed with National Health Insurance of
  Misato City after loss of qualification>

DO NOT USE Misato City National Health Insurance card at any medical institution after
you have moved out from Misato City or after you have enrolled in another health
insurance program (e.g. employee’s one or your family member’s one as a dependent).
Advise your medical institution that you have been transferred to a different insurer and
present your new health insurance card. Please note, if you use National Health Insurance
card of Misato City after the loss of your qualification, Misato City will claim the amount
which is covered by our Health Insurance later. If you must see a doctor before your
new card is issued, notify the doctor about the change of your insurance programs
and consult your new insurer for the correct procedure.


National Health Insurance and National Pension Division

Insurance Premium Section: 048-930-7703

Insurance Benefits Section: 048-930-7702


Last updated: January 17, 2018

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