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Resident Tax

(municipal, Prefectural)

National Tax or Income tax

Municipal Tax Section (市民税係), Miscellaneous Tax Section (諸税係)

Municipal Tax Division (市民税課),

Management Section (管理係),

Tax Collection Administration Division (収納管理課)

Misato City Hall, Call: 048-953-1111

Everybody residing in Japan, regardless of their nationality, is obliged to pay taxes. The main taxes are income tax, which is levied by the national government, and resident taxes, which are levied by prefectural and municipal governments.
You may be exempted from paying income tax because of a tax treaty between your country and Japan. To avoid double taxation, it is recommended that you contact your embassy in Japan for further information.


Municipal/ Prefectural Residence Tax 市・県民税について

Levy of Municipal/ Prefectural Residence Tax (hereinafter the Tax)

The Tax is levied on your previous year’s income (i.e. from January 1 to December 31) at your residential municipality as of January 1. Even when you change your address on or after January 2, the municipality where you make a payment of the Tax is not changed.

Tax return

If you had a domicile in Misato City as of January 1, you have to make a tax return to Misato City. File your tax return even if you had no income in previous year as it relates to assessment of other duties or benefits such as your National Health Insurance tax and/or child care fee, and also serve as the base to issue such documents as your tax (or non-tax) certificate.

Tax obligation

One who has his/her domicile or business place in Misato City as of January 1.

Payment methods

Normal payment

The Tax is paid with payment slips which are sent from Misato City to a tax payer (4 times per year; in June, August, October and January of following year).


Notice of withheld-tax amount is issued and the Tax is withheld monthly from a tax payer’s salary during June to May of the following year. 

Tax (or non-tax) certificate

For tax payer with payment slips:

  Tax (or non-tax) certificate will be available after the early June.

For withheld tax payer:

  Tax (or non-tax) certificate will be available after the middle of May.


  *Please note, when you request to issue your tax (or non-tax) certificate,

   it is better to ask the institution in advance that which year’s one

   you will need to submit.


Inquiries: Municipal Tax Section, Municipal Tax Division

Phone: 048-930-7706


Japanese version (日本語版) 



National Tax or Income Tax

Income Tax is levied on a person’s income earned from January 1 to December 31.

Here are the procedures for tax payment.

i) You are required to declare your total income within a time frame; from February 16 to March 15.

Between February 16 and March 15, you must declare your total earned income, expenses incurred in gaining that income, and pay the tax to the taxation office in your jurisdiction.

ii) The taxes are withheld from your monthly employment income.


* For further information about the National Tax, please contact the taxation office in your jurisdiction.

 Koshigaya Zeimusho or Koshigaya Taxation Office, Call: 048-965-8111

* For further information about the Prefectural Resident Tax, please contact the prefectural taxation office.

 Koshigaya Ken Zeimusho or Koshigaya Prefectural Taxation Office, Call: 048-962-2191

* For further information about the municipal Resident Tax, please contact the Municipal Tax Section.