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Emergencies/ 緊急時には


*Crimes/ Accidents


* Fire engine/ Ambulance  


* Emergency telephone consultation



*Holidays, Sundays & night consultation


Police Department (警察): 110


Fire Department (消防): 119


Nationwide dial (全国共通ダイヤル):#7119

Calling from a dial plus line, IP phone, PHS or near the prefectural boarder with Tokyo or other prefectures: (ダイヤル回線・IP電話・PHS・都県境の地域でご利用の場合): 048-824-4199

Fire-Defense Headquarter(消防本部指令課): 048-952-1214

Misato City Hall (三郷市役所): 048-953-1111

                                                               (Last updated on April 20, 2018)

Emergency Contact Information

Police - 110

If you are a victim of a crime or involved in a traffic accident, please phone the police on 110 immediately. When the police answer, tell them what has happened (whether anyone has been injured, whether the criminal is still present, etc.). Then, as calmly as possible, answer questions about when the incident occurred (how many minutes ago), where (the address and/or landmarks nearby), and what the perpetrator did; and give your name and phone number in that order.
- Example 110 Emergency Calls -

Crime:  “Dorobou (hittakuri) ni aimashita. Kega nin wa imasen.”  I have encountered a robber (bag snatcher). There is no-one hurt.”


When:  “Ima kara san (3) pun kurai mae desu.”  Three (3) minutes ago."


Where:  “○ machi banchi desu. Chikaku ni ○○ yuubinkyoku ga arimasu. The address is banchi machi. ○○ Post office is nearby.


Information on the Criminal:

“○○ iro no baiku ni notta futarigumi de, ○○ eki houkou ni nigete ikimashita.”

It was 2 of them. They got on a ○○ (color) bike and fled in the direction of ○○ station.

Caller’s Information: Watashi no namae wa, ○○ desu. Denwa bango wa ○○○-○○○○.  My name is ○○. My telephone number is ○○○-○○○○.

 Calling from a Public Telephone (emergency calls are free)

General public telephone

   Telephone with red emergency button:

   Pick up the receiver and push the red emergency button. Then dial 110 or 119.

   Telephone with no red emergency and directly dial 110:

Simply pick up the receiver and directly dial 110 or 119.

Gray public telephone: Pick up the receiver and dial 110 or 119.

Email and Fax 110

      Email 110  http://saitama110.jp/

      Fax 110     0120-264-110

Fire, Medical, and Injury Emergencies – 119

When you require a fire engine or ambulance, dial 119. When the operator answers, state whether you require a fire engine (shoubosha) or ambulance (kyuukyuusha). Then give the operator the details and address of the scene of the emergency, the name of any large landmarks near the scene, your name and your telephone number.

Using the ambulance for transportation to medical facilities is free of charge; however, the cost of any treatment will be your own responsibility. Please have your Health Insurance documentation and the necessary funds ready.

Ambulances operate to transport people who are injured or sick to hospital emergency rooms.  Please evaluate whether your situation is actually an emergency and take a taxi if it is not an emergency. If you are not sure which hospital you should go to, the Saitama Emergency Medical Information Center (#7119 or 048-824-4199) can direct you to a Medical Institution 24 hours a day (excluding dentists, oral surgeries, and psychiatrists).

(This service is provided in Japanese.)

Also, Fire Departments are introducing a service whereby private patients can utilize certified Fire Department Headquarters for hospital admission, discharge, and outpatient visits. 

Example 119 Emergency Calls - 

Fire:  “Kaji desu.” “○○ ga moeteimasu.”   “There’s a fire.” “○○ is burning.”


Medical Emergency:

 “Kyuukyuu-sha o onegai shimasu. Koutsuu jiko de keganin ga imasu.”  “Please send an ambulance. (I’ve/someone has) been injured in a car accident.” (Give details such as whether people are trapped inside [“hasamerete iru”] etc.)

“Kyuukyuu-sha o onegai shimasu. Kyuubyou-nin ga demashita.” “Please send an ambulance. (I’ve/someone has) become suddenly ill.” (Details such as whether they have lost consciousness [“ishiki ga nai”] etc.)


Where:  “Basho wa ○○ machi ○○ banchi desu.”  “The address is ○ banchi ○ machi.”

“Denwa bango wa, ○○○-○○○○ desu.”  “The telephone number is ○○○-○○○○.”

“Chikaku ni ○○ ga arimasu.”  “There’s a (n) ○○ nearby.”

Caller’s Information:

          “Watashi no namae wa, ○○ desu.”   “My name is ○○.”

(Source: ‘A Guide to Living in Saitama’)


Answer questions of a 119 operator – once you are connected to the operator, you will have to answer a series of questions to establish what's wrong, such as: 

“119, Misato City Fire Department. Fire or Ambulance?”

Case of Ambulance:

Where are you?

What is your name?

What has happened?

How old is the patient?

Is the patient male or female?

Is the patient conscious?

Is the patient breathing?

What is the medical history?

Who is the patient’s family doctor?

What telephone number are you using?


Prepare followings in the meantime you are waiting for an ambulance - they will be useful. 

● Health insurance card

● Patient registration card

● Cash

● Shoes

● Medication the patient is taking (Medication record)

If the patient is an infant:

 ● Mother and Child Health Handbook

 ● Diapers

 ● Baby bottle

 ● Towels

Make entries about your medical information
(in Japanese) such as medical history, family doctor and more in the following table and carry it with you together with your health insurance card. 


Date of birth:


Family doctor:

Medical history:

Medication I am taking:


Other notes:

Dialing 119 from cellular phones

When you dial 119 from a cellular phone, your call might get though to a Fire Department outside the city. You should follow the operator’s instructions. If you are driving, pull over to a safe place and call. 
                             Communication Division, Fire-defense Headquarter  Phone: 048-952-1214


Saitama Prefecture’s emergency telephone consultation

You can ask for an advice (in Japanese) and information about medical institutions for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

 ● Nationwide dial #7119

Or dial 048-824-4499 if you call from a dial pulse line, IP phone, PHS or near the prefectural border with Tokyo or other prefectures.

If you suddenly come down with an illness or get injured, you can ask for an advice from a consultant nurse (in Japanese) if you should visit a medical institution or about necessary cares at home.

 Follow the voice guidance.

Consultation for children:

Press ,

also, #8000 and 048-833-7911 are available. 

Consultation for Adults:

Press , 

also, #7000 is available.

Information about medical institution for both children and adults:

Press , 

- Available for only information about medical institutions.

- No medial consultation is available.

- No information is available for dentistry, dental surgery or psychiatry.

For sudden illness

Off-hours Pediatric Practice (initial first aid measures)

On-duty medical institutions in Misato City provide your child with initial emergency care at night.

Consultation hours changed in April.

 Please refer to Misato City official website etc. regarding on-duty medical institutions.

-Consultation hours: Monday through Saturday (except holidays)   19:00-22:00 (Cutoff time: 21:30)

Before you take your child to an on-duty medical institution, please call and describe your child’s symptoms. 


Off-hours pediatric practice (for initial first aid measures):       Misato City Hall: 048-930-1111

Emergency after practice hours:                          Misato City Fire Department: 048-952-1214

If a person with a hearing or speech difficulty becomes sudden illness, send a request form of information service for medical institutions to the exclusive fax number by facsimile or use NET 119 (exclusively for registers). 
                      Misato City Fire Department an exclusive fax number: 048-952-1119 / NET119


Emergency hospitals 

Name of medical institution



Misato Kenwa Byoin



San-aikai Sogo Byoin


3-7-17 Hikonari

Misato Chuo Sogo Byoin


4-5-1 Chuo

Misato Medical Association Holiday Clinic    
Holiday & Sunday Nights Consultation
Address: 2-20-7 Chuo, Misato City, 341-0038

Phone: 048-949-1000

URL misato-med.server-shared.com

Department: Internal medicine, Pediatrics

Consultation Hours:


[Daytime] 10 am - Noon (cutoff time: 11:50 am)

2 pm - 4 pm (cutoff time: 3:50 pm)

[Nighttime] 6 pm - 9 pm (cutoff time: 8:30 am)

  National Holidays / Year-end & New Year’s Holiday

[Daytime] 10 am - Noon (cutoff time: 11:50 am)

2 pm - 4 pm (cutoff time: 3:50 pm)

* Not available on August 13, 14 and 15, December 29 and 30.

Information inquiries about medical institutions before or after their regular consultation hours

Dial 048-952-1214, Communication Division, Fire-defense Headquarter instead of dial ‘119’.

Communication Division, Fire-defense Headquarter

Phone: 048-952-1214