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Published by : Disaster Prevention Division and Planning & Coordination Division,
           City of Misato, 648-1 Hanawada, Misato-shi. Call: 048-953-1111

Japan is a country of frequent earthquakes which could occur at any time. Heavy disasters would destroy most utilities such as gas, electricity and water supply. We have to prepare well in advance, so as not to panic later. Please keep this manual for your reference.
《Usually a strong earthquake will end within a minute or so. Identify the situation and respond calmly.》

safety guide


Prevention of Fire
Turn off the gas and unplug electrical appliances. Casualties due to fire are the greatest danger in an earthquake.
Protect Yourself
Take cover under a desk or table to protect yourself from falling object.
Prevention of FireGas Protect Yourself
Ensure an Exit
In apartments and residences that have only one door, open the door immediately. During earthquakes, doors can be bent so out of shape that they can't be opened, trapping you inside.
Don't Rush Outside
The tremors of even the largest earthquake last only a minute. It is safer to stay inside than run around in panic. The flying glass and falling roof tiles and signs outside make it far more dangerous.

Ensure an Exit


Don't Listen to Rumors
Follow the city-broadcast news or the following news of English Language emergency broadcasts:
Radio : NHK 693 KHZ
TV : Channel 1 (NHK, bilingual)
    Satellite No.1 or 2 (NHK, bilingual)

Don't Listern to Rumors



Check the evacuation sites and routes with your family.
There is no need to evacuate to the Emergency Evacuation Sites even after a large earthquake. When fire breaks out nearby and there is a great danger of it spreading, your residential area.

evacuation sites

Prevent furniture from falling.
Secure your furniture with brackets.

provent furniture from falling

In the area attacked by a serious disaster, lines of cellular phone and home-phone are subject to be disconnected. When public phones are recovered, it is useful to leave your verbal message to anyone you want to get in touch with, through 171 service which is a tape-recording message line which has withstood a disaster.
To Record Your Message
1. Call 171
2. Press 1
3. Follow the information
4. Press your phone number (or the phone number of the victim of the disaster).
  Start from area code:
  □□□ - □□□ - □□□□
6. Leave your message

To Replay Your Message
1. Call 171
2. Press 2
3. Follow the information
4. Press your phone number (or the phone number of the victim of the disaster).
  Start from area code:
  □□□ - □□□ - □□□□
6. Then you can be able to hear the message on tape.