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Medical Expense Subsidy for Children/ こども医療費の支給について

Medical Expense Subsidy for Children

Medical Expense Subsidy for Children is a system to cover your child’s medical expenses for insured medical treatment before completing his or her junior high school program (until the first March 31 after he or she turns 15 years old). You need to register your child for the qualification to receive this subsidy.

For those who have already registered their child: please note that you should notify the section in charge such event as change of your child’s enrolling insurer or change of bank account for remittance.


How to receive the subsidy:

If your child visits a medical institution in Misato City --- Present your child’s health insurance card and eligibility certificate of Medical Subsidy Expense for Children at the institution (including a despising pharmacy). You are not required to pay any medical expenses if the sum is less than 21,000 yen at one medical institution during the relevant one month.

If your child visits a medical institution outside of Misato City --- Settle the account by yourself tentatively at the institution and apply for the subsidy with receipt(s) attached to Child Support Division. The sum of the expenses that you paid will be remitted to your bank account later. Please note that in addition to the standard application, you will be asked to submit ‘Notice of the payment’ issued by your child’s insurer if your child’s case applies to High-Cost Medical Expense Benefit or an additional medical benefit.


Inquiries: Benefits Section, Child Support Division

Phone: 049-930-7781

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