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‘Certificate Issuance Service at convenience stores’ will start from September 1, 2017 / コンビニ交付サービス 平成29年9月1日から開始

◆‘Certificate Issuance Service at convenience stores’ will start from September 1, 2017◆
◆コンビニ交付サービス 平成29年9月1日から開始◆

You can obtain municipal certificates issued at a convenience store with your Individual Number Card.


  Misato City will start issuing certain municipal certificates at convenience stores if you have the Individual Number Card.

  You can obtain your necessary certificate(s) from a kiosk terminal placed in designated continence stores throughout Japan. (This service will be available only at a store with kiosk terminal.)

  In order to use this service, bring your Individual Number Card to a store and follow the instruction shown on the display of the terminal and input 4 digits of your PIN, which is the number you had set when you received the card; then you will receive a certificate.

≪Available certificates and those service hours, etc≫

Types of certificates:

Service Hours*1


Who can obtain the certificate(s)

A copy of Jumin-hyo (Certificate of Residence)*2


JPY 300

An applicant in person or  his/her household member

Seal Registration Certificate*3

A person who registered his/her name seal

Taxation (Income) Certificate / Non-taxation Certificate (for 5 years including the current fiscal year’s one)*4

A person who filed an income declaration form (final tax return)

Certificate of All Registered Matters of your family register Certificate of Individual Registered Matters of your family register *5

9:00-17:00 (from Sun to Fri except for national holidays)

Sunday service is available even if it falls on a national holiday.

JPY 450

A person who have one’s both current address and current legal domicile in Misato City.

A copy of Koseki-no Fuhyo, or  (History of Address Change)*5

JPY 300

*1) The service will not available during the year-end to New Year holiday (Dec 29-Jan 3) and on a day for maintenance.

*2) Certificate of Residence of a person who moved out (including a person who has taken a moving out procedure) or a person who already passed away will not be issued.

*3) Bring with your Seal Registration Card when you receive it at City Hall, branch office or liaison offices

*4) You may not receive a Taxation (Income) Certificate or Non-taxation Certificate, if you have not filed an income declaration form (or a final tax return).

   Also, if you are a resident of other municipality than Misato City, you cannot receive this certificate at a convenience store.

*5) A certificate of any item(s) which had already deleted from the register or revised certificate will not be available.

You can obtain your necessary certificate(s) from a kiosk terminal placed in a designated convenience store throughout Japan.

Those are the major convenience stores where the service will be available: 

◇ FamilyMart




    * These kiosk terminal names vary according to store chains.


What is an Individual Number Card (My Number Card)?

  It is a plastic card with name, address, date of birth, sex and ID photo on the front side and indicating Individual Number on the back side (see the sample shown below), and it is issued only for a person who applied.

                          (Image of the card)

     <front side>                         <back side>

How to apply for the card and issuance fee

 If you wish to have an Individual Number Card, apply with an ‘Application for issue of Individual Number Card’ attached to the Notification Card of your individual number; fill it out, attach your ID photo and mail to J-LIS (Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems). (It will take one to two months from its application to issuance.)

The first issuance is free of charge, but for reissuance due to loss will be charged.


 *If you changed name or address written in the ‘Application for issue of Individual Number Card’, if you lost the application form or if you have any inquiries about how to fill out, please visit website below:

The Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems: 




・You will need an Individual Number Card which contains the ‘electric certificate for user’s identification’ for using this service.

If you fail to input PIN three times consecutively, the card will be locked and your card will be blocking from using.

・If you forget the PIN or the card is locked, bring the card to Resident Affairs Division, 1st floor of Misato City Hall and set the new PIN again.

・Please note that the issuance fee will not be refunded in any case you cannot ask for refund of the fee of issuance when you receive it from a terminal placed at a convenience store.



●Individual Number Card/ a copy of Certificate of Residence (Jyumin-ho)/ Certificate of Seal Registration:

⇒ Residents’ Registration Section, Resident Affairs Division / Phone: 048-930-7701

●Certificate regarding Family Register:

⇒ Family Registration Section, Resident Affairs Division / Phone: 048-930-7700

●Certificate of (income) Taxation / Non-taxation

   ⇒Municipal Tax Section, Municipal Tax Division

●When you have lost your Individual Number Card:

 [Toll-free number regarding Individual Number (My Number) in general] 

Individual Number Card Call Center (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)  

  0120-95-0178【in Japanese】

 [Navigation dial]  (*You will be charged calling Navi-dial.)

  0570-064-738【in foreign languages】

    Available languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portugues

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