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Admission from April 2018: Application for child care institutions/ 平成30年度4月 保育施設等の入所(園)案内

<Period and place>

1) For a child born from April 2, 2012 to September 1, 2017

     Period: Sunday, October 29, 2017 – Saturday, November 4, 2017

                 9:00 – 11:00, 13:00 – 15:30

    Place: 5F of Kenko Fukushi Kaikan (Health and Welfare Center*1)

2) For a child born from September 2, 2017 to January 1, 2018

    Period: Monday, December 11, 2017 – Wednesday, January 10, 2018

                 8:30 – 17:00 (Monday through Friday, except holidays)

    Place: Child Care Division, 3F of Kenko Fukushi Kaikan*1


<Distribution of an application form>

  An application form is available at Child Care Division, Child Care Institutions
  inside Misato City, Misato-danchi Shutchojo (branch office) and Misato City
  official website for download.


 - FY2018: Leaflet about application for receiving child care service

 - Application for Approval on the necessity of child care service


 - [Sample] Application for Approval on the necessity of child care service

 - Certificate of employment   就労証明書

 - Application for admission in a child care institution


 - [Sample] Application for admission in a child care institution


 - Questionnaire   質問票

 - Final Confirmation about Application for Approval on the necessity of
   child care service and Application for Admission in a child care institution

 - Certificate of Childcare leave (Japanese version)   育児休業取得証明書

 - Statement of job seeking   求職活動申立書

 - Certificate of enrollment

    (for one who are currently using any paid childcare service(s))



 <Reason why you need to receive child care service>

  - A guardian is at work (with actual working hours 64 hours or more per month,
    excluding work with short working time which can be covered by receiving
    temporary child care service.)

  - A guardian is around childbirth.

  - A guardian is ill, injured or mentally/physically disabled.

  - A guardian provides nursing care of a family member living together or who is
    hospitalized for long period.

  - A household is a victim of a disaster and working to recover from the damage.

  - A guardian is in seeking jobs (He/she must start working within 3 months from
    child’s admission).

  - A guardian attends a school.

  - A guardian is approved to be under the similar circumstances as above stated
    by Misato City.


 <Documents to submit>

  -Application for Approval on the necessity of child care service

  -Application for Admission in a child care institution

  -Documents proving your necessity of childcare service such as;


  [If you work] Certificate of employment (issued in last 2 months)
    (If you are/ will be on childcare leave, submit a Certificate of childcare leave.)

  [If you are self-employment, working at home, or if you or your family is
   a business owner]

     In addition to Certificate of employment, submit one of the following documents -
     business license, notice of establishment of business, a copy of purchase contract
     or a copy of purchase order.

  [If you work for your family business]
     In addition to Certificate of employment, submit a copy of final tax return
    (income declaration) and copy of salary statement.

  [If you are around childbirth] Copies of your Mother and Child Health Handbook
    cover and a page showing the expected delivery date of your coming baby

  [If you are ill or disabled] Copy of medical certificate or physical disability certificate

  [If you provide nursing care] Statement of nursing care, medical certificate
    or physical disability certificate of a person who is cared

  [If you seek job] Statement of job seeking

  [If you study] If you are a student, submit a document proving your class hours
    such as time table.

 - Name seal

 - Mother and child health handbook

 - Confirmation sheet

 - Questionnaire


<Additional documents to submit – only for those who apply>

  [If you moved in Misato City on January 2, 2017 or after]
    Submit Taxation Certificate of Municipal Tax or bill for Municipal Tax.

  [If you are a foreign national] Submit a copy of Residence Card.

  [If you are a single parent] Submit any of Certificate of Medical Expense Subsidy
    for a Single Parent, Copy of all family register or proof of divorce certificate

  [If one of parents lives away from home on a job assignment]
    Submit Certificate of Residence (Juminhyo) for a person who lives apart
    from a family.

  [If one of your family members obtains physical disability certificate]
    Submit copy of physical disability certificate etc.

  [If you work and your child attend a setting other than authorized child care
   institution] Submit Certificate of attendance from the setting and Certificate of
    return to work.

  [If you are a nursery teacher working in an authorized child care institution inside
   Misato City] Submit a copy of Nursery Teacher Certificate.



  -Come with the applicant child, as a medical interview with him/her will be held
   at the venue during the application period
  (from Sunday, October 29 – Saturday, November 4, 2017).

  -Your application may not be accepted if the documents are incomplete.

  -Application through post will not be accepted.

  -If you make a false claim in the application, your child’s admission can be cancelled.

  -New application is required for the FY 2018 application, even if your child’s
   application has been suspended in the FY 2017.

  -If you wish to apply to a kindergarten division of an authorized child care institution 
   (Approval on the necessity of child care service - Category I), inquire at your
   preferred institution.


Appendix 1: List of child care institutions inside Misato City


Inquiries: Child Care Section, Child Care Division

Phone: 048-930-7784


Japanese original/ 日本語版


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