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FY2018 Application for Public Children’s Club (After School Program)/ ●平成30年度公設公営児童クラブ入室受付

Application for admission in April 2018 has already closed on Wednesday, December 20, 2017.

You can apply for admission in May and after. Please note, however, that your child’s admission may be suspended if the number of applicants exceeds the capacity.

Eligibility: Elementary school child (1st-6th grade) whose guardian(s) is not at home during daytime because of his/her work or other reasons.

Available children’s club

A children’s club located in the elementary school which applicant child is enrolled.

Each elementary school in the City has its own children’s club.


  The 15th day of preceding month of your child’s admission

  (If the 15th falls on a holiday, the closing date will shift to the preceding business day.)

  *Allocation will NOT be made in order of arrival.


  8:30-17:00 (except Saturdays, Sundays or national holidays)


  Educational General Affairs Division, 4th floor of Misato City Hall

Distribution of application documents:

  Application documents are available at Educational General Affairs Division,
  each children’s club and
Misato-danchi Shutchojo.

*Be sure to take an applicant child with you as an interview with him/her 
 will be carried out at the application.

*Any application made through post, at a children’s club or Misato-danchi
 Shutchojo will not be accepted.

*Your application may not be accepted if the documents are incomplete.

*Make an application to your children’s club after reading ‘For FY2018 Public
 children’s club information’
carefully and having understood the contents.

*If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, your child’s admission
 may be suspended, even though he/she is eligible.

Application documents are available here for download:

- For FY2018 Public children’s club information

- FY2018 Application form for children’s club (duplex printing)
- FY2018 Certificate of employment (duplex printing)

          English version/ Japanese version

- FY2018 Check list for required documents

Inquiries: Children's Club Section, Educational General Affairs Division

Phone: 048-930-7755

Private children’s clubs are also available:

*If you have intention of enrolling in a private children’s club, directly inquire at the providers as they have their service, fee and application procedure other than public one:

 -Misato Shirayuri Children’s Club (inside Misato Shirayuri Dai-2 Child Care Center):

  Phone: 048-949-6568

 -Coby After School Misato Takano (inside Coby Preschool Misato Takano):

  Phone: 048-951-5080

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