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Cyclists must be insured in Saitama Prefecture!

A part of prefectural regulation encouraging safety ride of bicycle
in Saitama was amended and enforced as of April 1, 2018, and
all cyclists now must be insured by a bicycle insurance to relieve
the victim in the event of a bicycle accident and/or to reduce financial
burden of assailant’s liability.

What has been changed? - Amendment for cyclists

When you ride a bicycle in Saitama, you must be mandatorily insured
by a bicycle insurance* against your liability in the event of an accident.
*If a miner (person aged 0-19) rides, his/her guardian has an obligation
  to insure him/her.

*Bicycle insurance means general insurance or mutual aid for cyclists
 which covers death and/or bodily injury of individuals caused by
 a cyclist
(those marked in yellow
in the chart below must be covered
 by insurance).

Type of insurance

Scope of cover

Handled by

A victim of an accident

caused by you while riding



Bodily injury



Bodily injury

Personal liability insurance



Not covered

Non-life insurance company

TS mark with insurance

(see below)


Not covered


Bicycle safety maintenance shop

*As your liability in a bicycle accident may be insured by your automotive
 insurance, fire insurance, injury insurance, a credit card with insurance or
 other insurances as supplementary coverage, we recommend that you check
 first the coverage with your insurers.


*What is TS mark (bicycle insurance)?

TS mark is a sticker that can be placed on your bicycle to certify that the bicycle is inspected and serviced at a bicycle safety maintenance shop. This mark contains injury insurance and liability insurance which is valid
1 year from the inspection/ maintenance date that is stated on the sticker.

See TS mark information leaflet for further information.

English version: https://www.tmt.or.jp/safety/pdf/leaflet-english.pdf

Japanese version: https://www.tmt.or.jp/safety/pdf/kaitei-leaflet.pdf


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