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A payment slip for the National Health Insurance Tax will be sent in July. / 平成30年度国民健康保険税納税通知書を7月中旬に発送します

Everyone having a domicile in Japan is required to enroll in
a public health insurance system such as the National Health
Insurance system.

This program is designed to reduce the burden of medical
expenses when you receive a treatment at a medical institution.
One of the main financial resources is National Health Insurance
Tax paid by policyholders. Please understand and cooperate with
us through your tax payment so that the health insurance will be
managed and operated soundly.


The addressee of the payment slip is the head of household.

A payment slip for the National Health Insurance Tax will be sent to
the head of households in July every year. Since the National Health
Insurance is enrolled by household, if a member of a household is
assured by the National Health Insurance, the head of
household has
an obligation to make the health insurance tax payment even he/ she
is enrolled in another health insurance program.


Be sure to declare your income.

The National Health Insurance Tax amount is assessed on the basis of
the enrollees’ income of the previous calendar year (from January
to December, 2017). Even if you earned no income and were supported
by other household members, you still need to declare your own
income status (except the one whose salary report is directly sent from
the employer to City Hall).

The National Health Insurance Tax payment and/or Ceiling-Amount for
High-Cost Medical Expense Benefit may be reduced, if all of the household
members who are 16 years old or over as of April 1, 2018 and who are
enrolled in National Health Insurance has declared his/her income and
the sum of the enrollees’ income is lower than the threshold.

Be sure to declare your income promptly, as you miss to do so on time,
your tax amount may be changed during a fiscal year.


Use payment service through bank transfer.

We recommend you to use payment service through bank transfer
which is safe and secured. Apply for that at your bank.


Notify us about any changes of your health insurance.

When you are enrolled in employee’s health insurance or when you
are withdrawn from that, you need to take a procedure about withdrawal
from/ enrollment in the National Health Insurance.


For those whose National Health Insurance tax is withdrawn
from their pension

If your National Health Insurance tax is/ will be withdrawn from your
pension (National Health Insurance and National Pension Division
informs in advance about the withdrawal to those who are applicable.),
you can change the payment method from withdrawal to bank transfer.
If you prefer the payment through bank transfer, at first take necessary
procedure at your bank, then apply for that at National Health Insurance
and National Pension Division by Tuesday, July 31, 2018 bringing
a copy of bank transfer request with you.


Inquiries: Insurance Premium Section,
                 National Health Insurance and National Pension Division

Phone: 048-930-7703

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