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Application for School Attendance Aid/ 就学援助費の申請について

Application for School Attendance Aid


 ‘School Attendance Aid’ is a system to provide a part of school expenses (such as school supplies, school lunch and medical care) to a guardian of a child who needs financial assistance for his or her school life.


One who is a resident of Misato City and has a child attending elementary school or junior high school in Misato City or other municipality.

How to apply:

An application form for School Attendance Aid has distributed from your child’s attending school. Submit it to your child’s school.

If your child is attending elementary school or junior high school outside Misato City, you can obtain one and submit it at School Affairs Division.

School Affairs Section, School Affairs Division

Phone: 048-930-7756

City of Misato
648-1 Hanawada Misato City,
341-8501 Japan
(Tel) 048-953-1111

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