How to Dispose of Your Waste

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How to Dispose of Your Waste  ごみの出し方 

* Wastes Collection Services


*How to Sort and

Set Out Your Waste



Clean Environment Section (清掃美化係),

Environmental Sustainability Division (クリーンライフ課),

Misato City Hall (三郷市役所), Call: 048-953-1111


*Collection center of over-sized waste (粗大ごみ受付センター)

<Address: Kobo 1314, Misato City> (三郷市幸房1314),  Call:0120-80-5383

<Wastes Collection Services>

・Your household wastes are collected on the same days of the week including holidays (except for bulky items).

Note: No collection on the year-end and New Year holidays

・Wastes, separated by the category as “Incombustibles”, “Hazardous” or “Recyclable paper & clothes”, are collected by specific trucks.

・If your waste is improperly sorted or set out on a wrong collection day, it will not be collected and a label will be attached on the trash meaning “bad manner”

Business-related wastes or industrial wastes are not accepted.


<How to Sort and Set Out Your Waste>

[What kinds of wastes and recyclable paper & clothes are collected by the City?]

Your household waste should be properly sorted, put in a transparent or translucent plastic bag and set out at your pickup point by 8:00 a.m. on the designated collection day.

See “How to dispose of your waste” <digest version※1>

See "Waste Collection Location & Day of the Week of Your Area in 2018"

Household Electrical Appliance <Four items> - Air conditioners, TVs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines/Tumble Dryers)

Ask the shop where you purchased the item or a specialized operator to dispose of it (pay service).


PCs and Displays:

PCs - Ask the manufacturer of the PC to collect it or inquire at the following organization if the manufacturer is not available.

PC3R Promotion Association -  

Phone: 03‐5282‐7685


           (in English)



Motorcycles should be collected by a dealer who collects disused motorcycles.

Japan Automobile Recycling Promotion Center -      

Phone: 050 -3000-0727    


Business-related wastes: (Garbage generated from restaurants, large-scale commercial facilities or businesses)

When you discard your business-related waste;

- if it is a general waste, you are required to contract with a waste service provider licensed by the Mayor of Misato City or,

- if it is an industrial waste, you are required to contract with a waste service provider licensed by the Governor of Saitama Prefecture.

● See the list (in Japanese) of licensed service providers for business-related wastes here.


Please inquiry to the number below regarding licensed industrial waste service providers.

Saitama Prefecture-Koshigaya Environmental Management Office:

Address: 4-2-83 Koshigaya, Koshigaya City

Phone: 048-966-2311



Plastic (PET) bottles:See “How to dispose of your waste” <digest version※1  >

Used ink cartridge: Drop off in a collection box placed at public facilities in the city.