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A partial aid for private kindergarten fees/ 私立幼稚園児保育料を一部補助

A partial aid for private kindergarten fees

Misato City provides a partial aid for kindergarten fees to a guardian whose child is attending private kindergarten, depending on the levy of the guardians’ resident tax status.

Eligibility: A guardian who is registered on the Basic Resident Record in Misato City having a child aged 3 years (a child who becomes 3 years old during the fiscal year) to a child in 5-year-old class (a child who was 5 years old as of April 2, 2019) attending a private kindergarten which has not transitioned to the Comprehensive Support System for Children and Child-rearing.

*You will receive the application form from the kindergarten where your child attends. If your child attends a kindergarten outside of Misato City, please ask there.

Inquiries: School Facilities Section, Educational General Affairs Division
Phone: 048-930-7754

City of Misato
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341-8501 Japan
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