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Application for Special Cash Payments/ 特別定額給付金の申請について

Application for Special Cash Payments


As emergency economic measures in response to COVIT-19, the Special Cash Payment will be paid to all residents to support their living expenses.

Amount of payment: 100,000 yen per eligible person*

*Eligible person is one who registered with the Basic Resident Registration System of Misato City as of April 27, 2020  [reference date].

How to Apply and Receive Special Cash Payments:

To avoid the spread of infection, we accept applications through basically following two methods, No.1 and No. 2, and transfer the money to applicants’ bank accounts in principle.

Note: Only if there is an unavoidable reason that hinders you from making such procedures, you are allowed to come to the office service counter to make the application and receive the cash.



●Application forms have started to send you from Wednesday, May 20, 2020 successively.

Misato City will send an application form to the entitled person. (The householder and family members’ name are preprinted in the form).

1) Fill in the section of your bank account information for arranging the money transfer. 

(such as account holder’s name, bank name, branch name, account number, and so on)
2) Attach a confirmation document of your  bank account. (e.g., a photocopy of the bank passbook or cash card)
3) Attach a photocopy of your ID. (e.g., a health insurance card, driver’s license, Residence Card, or passport)

*Please refer to the Sample (in English) when you fill out the application form.

Send the above application form to Misato City with the return envelope. [NO POSTAGE NECESSARY]

Application Start Date:

For postal applications

  From Monday, May 25, 2020

Bank Transfer Schedule:

For postal applications

  From Friday, May 29, 2020

Application Period:

Until August 25, 2020  [Postmark deadline]

(for a 3-month period from the start date of postal acceptance)



Now available for one who has his/her ‘My Number’ (Individual Number) card

Visit the Mynaportal website to input your bank account information and upload the bank confirmation document through electronic application. (No identification document is needed as the Electronic signature can be verified your identity.)

Mynaportal website (in Japanese and English):


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication website posts the Guide to Special Cash Payments’ in multiple languages.

Available 11 languages: English, Chinese (simplified/ traditional), Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Nepali and Japanese. 

Application Period:

Until August 25, 2020

(for a 3-month period from the start date of postal acceptance)


Call Center (in Japanese)

    Phone: 048-930-7774

 Available from Wednesday, May 20, 2020, Monday through Friday   9:00 - 17:00

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341-8501 Japan
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